“Which Harry Potter Character Are You?” Buzzfeed Quiz! | A Month of Harry Potter

There’s never a wrong time for Harry Potter, but the best time is arguably October. This year I’ve doubled down and decided to be Hermione for Halloween, so I thought I’d have some fun with Harry Potter this month and do lots of Harry Potter themed posts!

First up, a Buzzfeed quiz. I don’t know about y’all, but I can get lost in Buzzfeed quizzes for HOURS.

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?


Pick a movie: The King’s Speech

I just watched The King’s Speech for the first time a few days ago and really enjoyed it! It was the only historical movie on the list so it was an easy pick!

Which object do you most desire? The Cloak of Invisibility

Although the Marauder’s Map would be tons of fun, I think the Cloak of Invisibility would be much more practical. Think of all the things you could do if you were invisible…


What is your favorite food? Salad

This may seem like a weird pick, but salad has actually been one of my favorite foods since I was a toddler. Cheese was CLOSE second.


Pick a drink: Tea

Okay, so I’m probably stretching the truth with this one. I’m sure they meant hot tea, but I’m going to pretend that ‘tea’ includes sweet tea too since I don’t like anything else on this list.


Pick a song: Flawless, Beyonce

Gotta go with Queen Bey. I like a lot of the artists included but not the particular songs they chose so this one was easy.


Where would you like to hang out? The Three Broomsticks

If Honeyduke’s or Flourish and Blotts would have been included I would have been alllllll over those.


How would you spend your ideal weekend? In bed with a book

This one’s pretty obvious, although I will say that watching TV at home was a serious contender.


Your ideal partner is someone who… values your intelligence

It was a toss up between ‘values your intelligence’ and ‘you’re comfortable with,’ but if my partner values my intelligence then being comfortable with them is a given.


Pick a potion: Strengthening solution

Who doesn’t want to be stronger?


What do you prefer reading? New York Post

To be fair, I don’t read any of these. If I had to choose one to read regularly though it would be the New York Post.


Pick a magical creature: Pheonix

This was the hardest question to answer. Um, all of them? I landed on pheonix eventually because I like the idea of being reborn from the ashes.


Pick a TV show: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones all the way! Even if I am super behind.

And the result is…


Looks like I picked the right character to be for Halloween! I wasn’t super surprised because Hermione’s definitely the character I identify with most.

Which Harry Potter Character are you most like?

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