Pottermore Wand Results! | A Month of Harry Potter

Last week I took the Pottermore sorting quiz to see what Hogwarts house I was in (click the link to see where I ended up). This week I found out what wand chose me, as Ollivander would say, and here are the results:

Wand Results

Hawthorn Wood: Complex, intriguing, and full of contradictions. Good at healing and curses, and most at home with a witch or wizard with a conflicted nature. Not easy to master and only given to witches and wizards of proven talent.

Phoenix Feather Core: Rarest core type. Capable of the greatest range of magic and shows the most initiative, sometimes making the wand act on its own. The hardest to tame and personalize.

10″ in length: Most wands are between 9 and 14 inches. I’m 5’0″ so it makes sense that my wand would be on the short end of the spectrum.

Unyielding Flexibility: Flexibility is based mostly on the wand owner, and they definitely got it right!

What’s your wand?

See the source image

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