This Makeup Quiz Will Sort You Into a Hogwarts House Buzzfeed Quiz | A Month of Harry Potter

Y’all, I fell into the Buzzfeed wormhole again. After taking pretty much every Harry Potter related quiz they had (plus about a bajillion others) I picked this one for today’s post just because it’s so darn weird. At the beginning of my month of Harry Potter posts I did a quiz that was pretty straightforward – and confirmed my Halloween costume choice – but tonight Buzzfeed is sorting me into a house based on my makeup preferences.

This Makeup Quiz Will Sort You Into a Hogwarts House


Which eyeshadow palette do you like the most?

I don’t really wear anything besides earth tones, especially browns and black, on my eyes, so this was the best fit.


Pick an era of makeup.

1920’s all the way! I love the heavy charcoal eyes and bright lips!


Which form of eyeliner do you prefer?

Liquid, even though I can’t get it to stay for the life of me.


Pick an avant-garde look.

The look I picked reminded me of the movie Avatar, which I love.


Dark lips look the best on me so I went with the darkest color they had.

And the result is…


Apparently my makeup tastes are better suited for Hufflepuff! I think I’m going to have to stick with the house Pottermore put me in, but this was fun all the same.

What were your results?

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