Random Book Haul, Otherwise Known as ‘I Have No Self Control’

Book Haul (6).png

About two months ago (around the time I was cataloging my books and realizing my book buying habits are far exceeding the time I have to read) I told myself I would buy absolutely no more books until the Bookoutlet Black Friday sale that I do every year. No books checked out from the library, no more ARCs, no trips to my local used books store, NOTHING.

And today I have a book haul for you, so obviously that didn’t work out. A city about an hour away from me has a monthly warehouse book sale where you get to fill up a grocery bag with books for $10. Since I just have soooooo much free time on my hands I decided to drop everything and drive up, and I came home with 10 books – making each a dollar, in case you’re doing the math.

Here’s what I got:

And here’s a bonus book that I convinced my dad to buy me because Pride and Prejudice and Christmas and Melissa de la Cruz and cover that made me drool:


I’m telling myself that now that I have all these new-to-me books I won’t be participating in the Book Outlet Black Friday sale, but we’ll see…

What book have you bought recently?

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