My 2019 Resolutions

I don’t usually make any concrete New Year’s resolutions but this year I couldn’t resist!

My Bookish Resolutions for 2019

  • Read what I have on my shelf! I’ve been waiting (re: procrastinating) for the New Year to start my official book buying ban and read exclusively what I have on my shelf. I started my shelf soiree by completing a catalog of all the books on my shelf. Conveniently, I heard about Beat the Backlist a few weeks ago and now I’m extra motivated to focus on what I have on my bookshelf. With the exception of purchasing sequels and the very, very occasional splurge, there won’t be any library trips or big book hauls for me in 2019!
  • Post more consistently. Book blogging is so much fun, and it’s a great way for me to drive traffic to my book, The Rancher’s Runaway Bride. In 2019 I want to do better at pre-making and scheduling posts so that I have a steady flow of content.
  • Post more diversely. Book tags and hauls/unhaulings are my favorite types of posts to read, so I tend to make a lot of those. While I definitely won’t be slowing down on my book tag posts, I do want to start diversifying my blog. Discussion topics, popular book memes, and tidbits about my latest book are on the way in 2019!
  • Finish my second book. This one’s pretty self explanatory. My first book came out in May 2018, so I’d like to have my second book done and published by the end of May 2019 or sooner.

Do we have any of the same bookish resolutions for 2019?

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