Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Want on a Desert Island | TTT Throwback

It’s another TTT Throwback! If you’re scratching your head wondering why I’m doing a completely different Top Ten Tuesday topic, check out my first ‘Throwback’ HERE. Basically, any time a Top Ten Tuesday topic doesn’t work for me I’m heading back to the beginning and working my way down the hundreds and hundreds of Top Ten Tuesday’s that happened before I started participating.

This weeks topic is “Books on my Spring 2019 TBR,” but instead I’ll be doing “Books I’d Want on a Desert Island.”


Here’s the breakdown: a couple long series that I love/want to finish (because we know series only count as one collective book on a list like this 😉) + a few books I could read over and over even though they’re standalones or short series + Robinson Crusoe because even though I haven’t read it, I know it’s about a guy that gets stranded on an island and I’ll need all the survival tips I can get + my own book which would be left in a well sheltered area so that when they find my bones in 50 years, hopefully somehow the book will remain preserved and help them identify me so we don’t have an Amelia Earhart situation going on.


would you take any of these books with you?


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Want on a Desert Island | TTT Throwback

  1. Madame Writer says:

    I honestly feel like I would take the Boy Scout manual on a deserted island. Not only is it super useful, but it has important life-saving information. Though I feel like I could bring any of these books except for The Game of Thrones, because it’s so depressing. The last thing I need when I’m stuck on a deserted island is to get depressed.

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