Review: An Amish Gathering by Beth Wiseman

An Amish Gathering
Title: An Amish Gathering
 Beth Wiseman
Publication Date: December 22, 2009
Genre: Christian Fiction, Amish
Rating:4 Stars

Join three Amish couples as they experience love amidst life’s seasons. As Rebecca mourns her twin sister, Ben seeks to break through her grief. Leah would rather write than be a good fraa, but her spirit captures Aaron’s heart. And when Josiah falls for Amanda, he learns about letting go of the past.


Review_I mentioned in my review of An Amish Cradle that I had already started listening to another collection spearheaded by Beth Wiseman – here it is!

These books are just so stinkin’ fun to listen to! Just like the last collection, all of the stories revolved around Amish couples. This time, instead of babies, there were gatherings of one type or another – usually a ‘singing’ which is a get together for Amish young adults after church. The gathering was the turning point in the relationship of the two main characters.

I absolutely adored these stories. In the last book there were four short stories, and the first two were my favorite by far. This time, they were all amazing! I connected to all of the main characters and they all had backstories that were really well fleshed out given the short length of the stories. Maybe having three stories instead of four gave the plots more room to breathe. I do have to confess, Beth Wiseman’s story (the first) was my favorite again. I really enjoy her writing style and I’d like to pick up some of her solo work eventually.

I did notice when I was searching for another to listen to – none were immediately available through my library, boo! – that there were some repeat stories in other compilations. It’s no big deal since I can just skip over what I’ve already heard, but still a bummer since I want more!

4 Stars

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