How Many Backlisted Books Have I Read So Far? | Beat the Backlist Quarterly Check-In

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It’s officially been 3 months since I started the Beat the Backlist challenge! I thought it would be fun to take a look at my progress.

How many BTB books have I read all together? 

3 Month Check-In


So far this year I’ve read 11 books. Not too shabby! Listening to audiobooks has definitely increased the amount I’m able to ‘read’ and it’s definitely worth mentioning that four of the books were short enough I sat and read them in just a few hours or less.

How many of those books were on my original Beat the Backlist TBR? 


My original BTB TBR is on the left and my current BTB list is on the right. You can see my original TBR HERE and the ongoing list on my Beat the Backlist page – along with links to all of my BTB reviews HERE. As you can see, my list has grown quite a bit. In fact, I added a whole new category, borrowed books.

In the ARCs section the first book, The Wartime Sisters, was actually a mistake on my part and should have been Daughters of the War all along, so that book will count as an original read. Of the 11 books I’ve read so far 4 were on my original list – Crooked Kingdom, Thirteen Reasons Why, A Woman of War, and Daughters of the War.

How many are actually on my shelf?

The whole point of BTB for me is to work through books that I actually have on my shelf. If you haven’t been here very long you might have missed the fact that I have an ENORMOUS amount of unread books and I hate to even admit this but… I just found two more totes full of books. I’m the worst.

Of the 11 books I read, 4 were actually on my shelf – Crooked Kingdom, Thirteen Reasons Why, Thy Son Liveth, and Daughters of the War.

How’s my BTB bingo going?

I didn’t mention this in my original BTB post, but I’m participating in BTB bingo! I thought it would be something fun to do since I would be reading the books anyways, and since I don’t get to participate in bookish fun very often what with school and writing deadlines getting in the way. Here’s my progress so far!

Beat the Backlist Bingo.jpg

I’ll share what books I chose for what categories at the end of the year since I’m sure I’ll end up moving some of them around.

How’s your BTB going?




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