Top Ten Tuesday: Most Intimidating Books | TTT Throwback

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

It’s another TTT Throwback! If you’re scratching your head wondering why I’m doing a completely different Top Ten Tuesday topic, check out my first ‘Throwback’ HERE. Basically, any time a Top Ten Tuesday topic doesn’t work for me I’m heading back to the beginning and working my way down the hundreds and hundreds of Top Ten Tuesday’s that happened before I started participating.

This week’s topic is actually “Outrageous Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books” but I haven’t done anything outrageous, really, so instead I’m doing “Most Intimidating Books on My TBR.”

London is one of many books I have by Edward Rutherford. All of his books are MASSIVE and span the entirety of a city’s (or country’s) lifetime.

Gone to Soldiers is another big book clocking in at around 800 pages. I know that I’m going to absolutely love it – it’s one of the most heralded WWII fiction books around – but it’s so intimidating to start.

Homeland is the beginning of a series by John Jakes, who writes sweeping family sagas set in various time periods. Like Edward Rutherford, I’ve never seen a small John Jakes book.

Roots isn’t only intimidating because of its size, but because of well-loved the story is. I haven’t seen the mini-series because I want to go into the story blind.

The Diviners is another well-loved series that’s pretty thick. I’m worried I won’t like it – even though it sounds amazing – because I had a hard time getting into a different Libba Bray book.

Game of Thrones is pretty self-explanatory. They’re giant books, and I know that everyone I come to love will eventually end up dead. Plus there’s the fact that the series isn’t finished yet and no one seems to know exactly when/if that will ever happen.

Bloody Jack is the first book in a twelve book series. I read the first three-ish books when I was really young and can’t remember anything except absolutely loving them. I have 10/12 on my shelf now and really need to get started!

City of Bones isn’t exceptionally large, but I know once I pick it up I’m going to be thrown down the Cassandra Clare rabbit hole and find myself wanting to read everything she’s written and her latest books look HUGE!

Outlander is intimidating for the same reason as City of Bones. I know once I read it I’m going to fall in love and have to gobble up the entire series – whose books are pretty big, unlike City of Bones.



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