Joining The OWLs Readathon!

OWLS Readathon

Hello everyone! Just a short (and very late) post to say that I’m joining the OWLs Readathon! I don’t usually participate in readathons because it’s impossible to predict how much time I’ll have to read in any given month AND I’m the biggest mood reader on the planet, but nearly 2 weeks into OWLs I’ve finally caved and decided to jump in. It looks too fun to miss!

I’m going to be going for Auror so here’s what I’ll need and what I might read:

Charms: Read an Adult Work
Where'd You Go, Bernadette

I’ve actually already completed this prompt! Yay! I read Where’d You Go, Bernadette earlier this month. Review coming soon!

Defense Against the Dark Arts: read a title that starts with ‘R’

Rumple Buttercup

Another prompt I’ve already completed! I read Rumple Buttercup earlier this month too! My review is scheduled to go up soon.

Herbology: Plant on the cover

An Amish Reunion

I’m so, so, SO excited that Zondervan publishing sent me a copy of their latest Amish short story collection. I’ve been flying through them on audio and now I can finally read a physical copy! I’ll definitely read An Amish Reunion for my herbology prompt.

Potions: A Sequel


Look…. it’s the only sequel I could think of. I only have a couple of sequels to read on my shelf, and for all of them except Grey I need to reread the first book in the series.

Transfiguration: Sprayed Edges or a Red cover

Shame and the Captives

Shame and the Captives is a book I need to read for another post I’m doing, so I’m going to be sneaky and kill two birds with one stone. I can’t wait to share the post with everyone!


Better late than never, right?

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