Review: Amish Voices by Brad Igou

Amish Voices
Title: Amish Voices
Brad Igou
Publication Date: June 25, 2019
Genre: Christian
Format: ARC, eBook
Rating: 3 Stars

Strong families. Caring communities. The nearly nine in ten youth who join the church. How do the Amish do it?

In Amish Voices, Amish writers share news and advice from their communities and reflect on their daily lives, work, and faith. Brad Igou, publisher of Amish Country News, gives readers a behind-the-scenes tour of Amish life by compiling writing from Family Life, a popular monthly magazine that thousands of Amish people read. Learn about how the Amish began and what they value. Hear what they think about technology, happiness, community, obedience, success, and change. Listen in as they discuss shunning and rumspringa and forgiveness. Find out what sustains them in difficult seasons, and how they try to trust God in all things.

Why learn about the Amish from outsiders when you can learn from the Amish themselves? And why just learn about them when you can learn from them?

Review_I’ve been reading quite a bit of Amish fiction lately, so when I saw a non-fiction book about the Amish I jumped at the chance to read it. As popular as Amish fiction has become, there aren’t many opportunities to learn about the culture from the Amish themselves. Amish voices is even more unique because not only were the articles from Family Life written by the Amish, they were written for the Amish.

Amish Voices was organized really well and covered a wider range of topics than I expected it to. I was especially surprised to see that the history of the Amish was included, and that was one of the parts that I found most interesting. Maybe because they live a lifestyle closer to a historical time period than modern day, I’ve never stopped to consider what their past was like. I jumped around in the book, skipping to the sections and articles that I found the most interesting. Aside from history it was mainly articles about courtship, marriage, and family life in the community.

3 Stars

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