April Book Haul | ARCs and Overindulgence

Book Haul (6)

Remember last month when I said I was hitting my stride? Yeah, that’s all over now. I went NUTS in April. Completely off the rails. Down the rabbit hole of indulgence and poor impulse control. One treat yo self turned into a lottttttttt of treat yo selves… you get the idea.

New Purchases:

I bought 16 brand new books this month. Oops. Daisy Jones and the Six, Fly Girls, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette? were all bought at nearly full price at my local bulk store, and Rumple Buttercup was my only (and first ever) pre-order. Wicked Saints came from my OwlCrate box, and the rest were snagged super cheap at either my dollar store or a local discount store where books are only a couple of dollars a pop.

Used Purchases:

These are a mix of thrift store finds and books I got with my store credit at Second and Charles. I was especially excited to find The Nightingale for only 4 bucks!

Digital ARCs:

When I saw The Flight Girls on Netgalley I squealed. Literally. A noise came out of my mouth because I was so stinkin’ excited by the cover. Women Airforce Service Pilots are one of my all time favorite historical topics and I’m so mad at myself for somehow not knowing there was a historical fiction book being written about them! Then on the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve been craving a good contemporary romance and Fix Her Up sounded too good to pass up.

Physical ARCs:

An Amish Reunion was delivered to me on its publishing date and I immediately started reading. I’ve been loving the Amish short story collections on audiobook and this was the first one I’ve actually read. Review coming soon! Nottingham was a bit of a surprise – I think I must have won it in a giveaway I don’t remember entering – and is a big hunk of a book. All I know about it is Robin Hood and Maid Marian are involved and that’s pretty much all I need.

Phew, we’re finally done! What did you haul in April?

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