Anything But Books Tag + Another Mini-Update

Anything But Books Tag

Hello everybody! I know I’ve been wildly inconsistent lately and although I know that your feeds are so full of lovely bloggers you probably didn’t notice I was still gone, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation.

A few weeks ago I made a post with a few quick updates: exciting plans for my website, soon-to-be progress on my second book, and finishing my second to last semester of graduate school. Aaaaaaaand then two days later my family and I were in a car accident. No life-threatening injuries and it wasn’t our fault, but the car was totaled so I’m now the cheif chauffer for my mom and brother. It’s two and a half weeks later and things are finally settling back down so I swear this time I’m actually going to start cranking out the content I promised!

Now on to the fun stuff! Pretty much since my finals a month ago, I haven’t been blogging, reading (I finally just convinced myself to start Daisy Jones and the Six and I’m LIVING), or even working on my own book. In my spare time I’ve been a couch potato and since we all know I love a properly timed book tag, I had to do the Anything But Books Tag!


Name a cartoon that you love

Image result for avatar the last airbender gif

I love Avatar: The Last Airbender with all my heart. I’m rewatching it now for the first time in years and years because I never got to watch Legends of Korra and I want to watch the original show first. I got both of the complete series for myself as an end of semester treat.

What is your favorite song right now?

I can’t pick just one, so here are a few current favorites!

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

When The Night Is Over – Lord Huron

As She’s Walking Away – Zac Brown Band

What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Ancestry research! I’m obsessed with mapping out my family tree and once I get started I can’t make myself stop. Last night I was up until 2 am following a trail of clues.

See the source image

What is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

Maybe crafts? I like to do something while I’m watching TV to make myself feel less guilty about it, so I usually crochet. My grandma taught me as a kid and I ran with it. I do some hand sewing and cross stitch too.

What is your favorite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

I’m going to be that annoying person right now… I don’t think anything you learn about is unnecessary, even if it’s super specific.

What is something unusual that you know how to do?

I don’t think I have any usual talents, and I’m kinda bummed lol.

Name something that you made in the last year and show us if you can.

Most of the things that I make are gifts (and I’m the worst and always forget to take pictures before I give them away) but I did make my mom a cross stitched hummingbird for her birthday last month!


What is your most recent personal project?

Besides the family tree, current crochet project, and book in progress, I’ve been working on journaling consistently. Nothing fancy or artistic, just plain old words on paper.

Tell us something that you think about often?

The future! Doesn’t everyone?

Give us something that’s your favorite.

Having the windows open in my house! Weirdly specific, but I love the fresh air.

Say the first thing that pops into your head.

I wish I had more of my drink left. I just finished my Dr. Pepper 😂😂


Mulan Book Tag!

Mulan Book Tag

I saw this tag floating around a few years ago and I knew if I ever started a blog I wanted to do it stat. Mulan is one of my favorite characters of all time (and by default my favorite Disney princess) so I’ve been super stoked to see so many new or upcoming releases featuring her in some way. In honor of finally reading Reflection (review HERE) and being too tired to put a coherent disucssion or review post together, I thought I’d finally do the tag!

Reflection: A book cover that doesn’t accurately reflect what the book is about

Keep Me SafeI love this book series so, so much but I don’t care for the covers at all. None of them tell you anything about the story or the main characters and they don’t really grab your attention.

Mushu: A character with a lot to prove

Daughter of the Pirate KingAlosa is constantly trying to prove herself to her father and goes to some pretty great lengths to impress him.

I’ll Make a Man Out of You: A character who develops a lot, or a book with some kick-ass training scenes


It’s been years since I’ve read Divergent (5, according to Goodreads) but for some reason it’s the book that popped into my head for this prompt. Tris definitely changed a ton throughout the series and there were some pretty good training scenes in the first book if I remember correctly.

A Girl Worth Fighting For: A ship you’ll defend until your last breath


There’s some insta-love and their relationship isn’t perfect, but I’m in LOVE with Diana and Matthew.

Huns: A book or character that gave you the creeps


Okay, I’m fudging on this a little bit. I’ve *technically* only read the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, but I have seen the whole TV show (so far) and the Ice King and his undead army was pretty creepy. I’m

Mulan: Your favorite bad-ass female protagonist

Six of Crows

Recently (because, as usual, I refuse to pick all-time favorites) my favorite bad ass females have been Inej and Nina. They’re pretty hard to top.

See the source image

Easter Time Book Tag!

Easter Time Book Tag

The Easter Time Book Tag was created by Theresa @ The Calico Books as were the lovely graphics that I’ve swiped to save myself some time.



When I read this book a few years ago I fell head over heels in love with it but it never took off. It only has 191 ratings on Goodreads and honestly, that’s a crime.



Daughter of the Pirate King was amazing, and it’s always nice to see young writers making it big.



The most recent book I hated to finish was Reflection by Elizabeth Lim. I’m so glad she’s writing another Mulan-inspired story!



I buy almost all of my books super cheap, but when I found City of Bones in a thrift store for $0.25 a few months ago I couldn’t believe it.



Rumple Buttercup was the purest read of all time. Perfection. My review will be up next week!



I may have mentioned this before, but The Cattleman Meets His Match was the book I was reading when something clicked and I finally decided to write my own book. A lot of hard work later and The Rancher’s Runaway Bride was born!



Sooooooo many plot twists in Crooked Kingdom.


My ‘Easter Time’ is going to be filled with final papers and lots and lots of caffeine if I can’t get myself together by tomorrow night! Ugh!

Do you have any easter plans?

Titanic Book Tag!


I’m completely obsessed with the Titanic. It’s hands down one of my favorite historical events and I’ve watched the movie about a trillion times, so I knew I wanted to do the Titanic book tag when I saw Alexadra do it on Reading By Starlight. But I’m a nerd, and I wanted to wait and do it on one of the days that the Titanic would have actually been at sea. Yeah, I’m that person.


The Series You Would Sell For A First Class Ticket


You could interpret this two ways. Is it the series on your shelf you’d be most willing to part with, or the series that means the most to you and is worth the price of a first class ticket? I’d be most willing to part with my Divergent box set. I loved the series when I read it years ago but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to rereading it. If I had to go with the one that means the most to me it would probably be my Little House on the Prairie box set!

The Character You Would Share A Stateroom With

Daughter of the Pirate King

Ummmmm so many?? I think Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King would be a good choice though. She’d know what to do once the ship started going down, and we’d probably have lots of fun beforehand.

The Character To Be The Jack To Your Rose

Six of Crows

Most recently? Kaz Brekker. Although I’ve heard that if I would finally commit to reading Outlander I’d fall in love with Jamie Fraser and never look back.

The Ship Is Sinking – Which Book Or Series Do You Go Back To Your Stateroom To Save? [It’s The Last Copy On Earth]

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Cliche, I know, but Harry Potter.

A Book In Your Library Published Before The Sinking Of The Titanic [April 1912]

Little Women.jpg

Lots to pick from, but Little Women is my favorite!

You Find A Bookish Item In Your Pocket – What Is The Item And From What Book?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Definitely a time-turner. God, all the things I could get done if I had one of those!


Anyone else obsessed with the titanic?

Image result for titanic gif

Would You Rather Book Tag

Would You Rather Book Tag

It’s been a wild week around here. My next round of grad school classes started Monday, four – yes, four – TVs have broken in my living room, along with my desktop computer and printer (both of which I fixed but RIP TVs), and my kitten was spayed yesterday (even though it feels like it’s been two weeks). She’s refusing to wear the cone of shame and her stitches are dissolvable so we’re all taking turns following her around the house and staring at her to make sure she doesn’t lick them.

See the source image

All that to say, I needed an easy, no-pictures-to-insert, no-links-to-find post to whip up really quick so that my website didn’t go into hibernation. Thank God this was in my drafts!

Read only trilogies or stand-alones?

DEFINITELY trilogies. If you saw last week’s Top Ten Tuesday then you know I don’t read very many standalones. I don’t actively avoid them, but I’m more drawn to a series.

Read only female or male authors?

I don’t pay very much attention to the gender of the author I’m reading, but looking at a list of my favorites and the bookshelves behind me, I read mainly female authors (a lot of historical fiction – especially inspirational and Amish historical fiction – writers are female. I’d be very sad to lose George R.R. Martin and John Jakes, though!

Hardback or Paperback? 

Paperback. Preferably the big floppy kind.

All books become movies or TV shows?

TV shows, because they’re more versatile. A standalone can become a limited series and a longer, more detailed series can have as much airtime as they need to tell the story. And anyways, is it just me or do TV adaptions seem to be a lot better than movie adaptions lately?

Read five pages per day or five books per week?

I could manage five pages a day much easier than 5 books a week, but I don’t want to be limited…. hmm…. I think I’ll suffer through reading 5 books. Now that I’ve finally gotten on the audiobook bandwagon it would be a lot easier.

Be a Professional reviewer or author?

Ugh, the first question where I want to be both! If I had to pick, professional author would win hands down. But I’m having fun doing both right now!

Only read your top 20 books over and over or only read new books you’ve never read before?

New books! I love to reread my favorites, but I think I see a loophole here…. wouldn’t new editions of a book *technically* count as a new book that you’ve never read before? So if you pick new books then you get to read new books and your favorites, once a new edition is published. Sign me up for law school.

Be a Librarian or a Bookseller?

Librarian! It’s so much quieter than being a bookseller. I actually did quite a few volunteer hours at my local library in high school and assisted in the maintenance of a museum library during my undergrad.

Only read your favourite genre, or every genre except your favourite genre?

My favorite genre, which would be historical fiction. I really enjoy fantasy too, but I’d have to make that sacrifice!

Only read physical books or ebooks?

Physical. I read a lot of ebooks too, since I borrow them from my library, but there’s nothing like a physical book in your hands.

I wrote this post in 15 minutes, y’all. That has to be some kind of record! Back to cat wrangling I go… Hopefully I’ll be a little more organized next week!


Greek Gods Book Tag!

Greek Gods Book Tag

I finally finished the Percy Jackson series a few week ago and in honor of me finally getting myself together (and being kinda sad that the series is over) I thought it would be fun to do the Greek Gods tag, originally created by Zuki @ Book Bum.


Zeus: King of the Gods – Your Favorite Book

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Wow, so glad we started with an easy one! To avoid my brain spontaneously combusting I went with the classic favorite fall back, Harry Potter. There are plenty of other books I call my favorites, but it’s just too hard to pick.










I know that everyone loves Inej – I do too! – but Nina Zenik is one of my all time favorite badass women.








It’s hard to believe that A Discovery of Witches and Daughter of the Pirate King were debuts. They’re both so rich and detailed!


Call the Midwife




Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth is one of my favorite non-fiction books of all time. I started watching the TV show when it first came out years ago (I’m a PBS junkie) and finally got around to reading the first book in the trilogy last year.





Code Name Verity





I will forever push Code Name Verity. I don’t care if you don’t like historical fiction or WWII settings, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!





There aren’t any books that I wish didn’t exist. There are definitely some books I didn’t enjoy, but one reader’s least favorite is another reader’s most favorite.


Love Comes Softly.jpg




Love Comes Softly isn’t just a beautifully written story, it was Janette Oke’s first book. Her writing carved out the inspirational historical fiction genre. She paved the way for so many authors (like me!) and really changed the way historical fiction was written.








Cherokee America was the book cover that made me stop and gawk most recently.







If I find a book boring, I’ll immediately stop reading it. I have no problem putting a book down two pages in if I feel like I’m not going to like it, so I don’t have an answer for this one.





The Journey of the Heart book series has six books and all clock in at just at 100 pages. I flew through the whole series in just a few days!






Who’s your favorite greek god?

2019 Bookish Academy Awards!


Here’s the thing… I couldn’t care less about the actual Academy Awards. I read through a list of the big winners in the morning and save myself 4 hours of cheesy jokes and commercials.

Image result for boring gif

Footage of me watching any awards show

BOOKISH Academy Awards though… that’s a whole different story. This tag was originally created by Bookadoodles in 2014 and it’s made the rounds ever since. I’m only going to answer using books I read in 2018, so that next year I can do this tag all over again!

Best Actor
Best Male Protagonist 

Six of Crows



Definitely Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows, even though he walks the line between protagonist and antagonist. We love an anti-hero!





Best Actress
Best Female Protagonist





Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King was SO fun. She was blurbed as a female Jack Sparrow and didn’t disappoint.





Best Cinematography
Best Plot Twist

Six of Crows




Our first double category winner! Six of Crows was nothing but plot twists.





Best Costume Design
Best Book Cover

A Holiday by Gaslight




I absolutely LOVE A Holiday by Gaslight’s book cover. Everything has significance and it’s SO pretty.






Best Supporting Actor and Actress
Best Male and Female Sidekick

The Lightning Thief




Annabeth and Grover from Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series!





Best Original Screenplay
  Most Unique Plot or World




In the All Souls Trilogy vampires, witches, and demons exist and there’s an elaborate political system in place to govern them. It was so immersive!






Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Book to Movie Adaptation





War technically came out at the same time as Sebastian Junger’s documentary Restrepo, but both are based on Junger’s time in the Korengal Valley at the height of the war on terror.






Best Animated Feature
A Book that would work well in animated format






When Dimple Met Rishi would be super cute as a animated movie or TV show!






Best Director
A Writer you discovered for the first time





Almost everyone I read in 2018 was a new-to-me author, but I think Tricia Levenseller is going to be a long-running favorite. Her next book comes out in 2 days and I can’t wait to snag it!






Best Visual Effects
Best Action in a Book





Keep Me Safe was one of my only 2018 rereads. This series is PACKED full of action.






Best Musical Score
Best Music in a book-to-movie adaptation





Okay, I’m fudging this one a little bit and saying the Hamilton soundtrack. Hamilton obviously wasn’t adapted from Alex and Eliza, but close enough! Same people.






Best Short Film
Best Novella or Short Book

A Holiday by Gaslight




A Holiday by Gaslight was my favorite short read of 2018!







Best Picture
Best Stand-Alone

Call the Midwife




  Call the Midwife is technically part of a trilogy, but all three of the books can be read alone. Especially the first one, which was ahhhhhmazing.






Best Documentary
Best Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction





Caroline: Little House Revisited was by far my favorite historical fiction of the year. I love all things Little House!





*Insert shameless self-promotion* 2018 was also the year my first book was published! It was a good year for books.

Would you have picked any of the same books as me?